lördag 12 november 2011

#halfbandhalfmovie Afterlife

En liten efterspya:

Martha Macy Gray Marlene


Susie Päivärintha Mood For Love

Drömkåkan Hellström

Bie ber Soldiers

John Legends of the Fall

CeeLoyent Green

Name the Pet Sematary

Fugazi Must be Crazy

EmiliGrana Torino

Happy Foetus

Married to the Moby

The Sweet Hereaufder Maur

Håkan Hellraiser

The Assassination of Jessie J by the Coward Robert Ford

Troy Orbison


GeorJah Rule

Machete Baker

Florence Valentine's Day

Paranåid Park

The Replacements Killer

Resident Eve


Neil Blood Diamond

Catch Me if Yoko Ono

Titanic Cave

Simply Red Dragon

Lolita Ford

Cowboysanna Nielsen

Evanescent of a Woman

My Left Foot Fighters


Keeping the Faith Evans

Happy David Gilmoure

Primus Love Dogs

Bette Midler on the Roof


Batman and Rob'n'Raz

Layerla Kake

Doctor Dolittle Gerhard

The Big Li'lbowwowski

Lars Wintersbone

To Gillian Welch on her 37th Birthday

Mr. & Mrs Aerosmith

The Oh in Songs Ohia

The Other Marc Bolan Girl

Teaching Mrs. Tingsek

Helt Off the Living Dead

Timbuk to the Future

The Haunteding

Josie and the Pussycat Dolls

Henry Foolfighters

Barefoot in the Ark

Girls Just Nirvana Have Fun

Ear Pray Charles



Eminenemy of the State

The Mo Better Blues

Don't Slayer Word

Crazy, Stupid Love Thörnqvist

Sky Captain and Tenile of Tomorrow

The Depeche Mod Squad

House of Heavy D

David Guetta Clue

Lions for Lambchops

A Bridge Tool Far

Pugh RougueTraderfeldt

Bob Marley & Me

Marmaduke Ellington

Not Another Abba Teens Movie

Spidherman Dune

Hanson of No One

500 Donnas of Summer

The Linkin Park Lawyer

Spy Kids on the Block

Green Boyzone

Mannen som slutade Röyksopp

Inland Empire of the Sun

Limp Seabizkit

Submarine Fredriksson

Sun Kil Moonraker

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Blurgendy

Brian Wilson's War

I Know What You P Diddy Last Summer

Analyze Take That

Married to the Moby

Heathers Nova

The Byrdscage

ExtremeLou Reed and Incredibly Close

My Best Friend's Wedding Present

Bruce Allmighty Mighty Bosstones

O Brother Where Art Garfunkle?

Kick-Ass Danielsson

Dangermouse Liaisons

The National Treasure

Gonikkisixxty Seconds

Leaving Lou Begas

Captain Cornelis Mandolin


The Beowulf City Rollers

Joan of the Ark

Being John Cougar Mellenkovich

Hook, Line N*Synker

Rounders Glenmark

Being Al Yankovic

Det Celine Dionseglet

Gycklar-Nas Afton

a-ha Day's Night

The Wizzard of Ozzy Osbourne

All the Pretty Band of Horses

MazzyStar's Keeper

Laleh Misérables

Le scaphAndre 3000 et le papillon

Maria Callas Eviga Ögonblick

J.Lopatra and Marc Anthony

Johnny Cop Land

Sommaren med Moniker

The Skeleton Kee Marcello

Petter Cematary

Jedward Scissorhands

True Kajsa Grytt

The Blindside

Me Without You and Every One We Know

Rebellion Sebastian

John Tucker Mustasch

Shins City

Jeff Bucketleyist

Nena and a Half Weeks

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