söndag 6 november 2011

#halfbandhalfmovie -bonanza

Att twitter uppfinner hashtaggen #halfbandhalfmovie är självfallet bland det värsta som kan hända en manisk, missbruksbenägen, musik- och filmtokig tvångsordvitsare such as mysjälv. Eftersom den här kranen när den väl öppnats snabbt förvandlades till ett smärre Niagarafall tyckte jag att det vore elakt gentemot mina följare att ösa ut hela rasket på twittan, varför jag i stället valde att dämma upp syndafloden (samt de droppar som tidigare läckte ut på twitter) här på bloggen i stället (plus att jag inte vill förlora fler följare på grund av mitt dryga OCD-twittrande)
Vissa inslag känner ni kanske igen från andra twittrare, men i dessa fall måste jag nog åberopa great-minds-think-alike-klausulen.
Nåja, de här knåpade i alla fall jag fram.
Here we go.
Håll till ondo:

WuTang trosor i Tyrolen

The Cureas för Frankenstein

Jakob Hellboy


Nada Smurfs

Fear And Loathing in Las Sestefanz

Timo Räisid&näncy

She & Himmel över Berlin

Ringu Starr


Låt den rätte Khoma in

Willy DeVille Wears Prada

Hudson Hawkan Hällström

Lost ina Nordenstramslation

David Shundtricket

Nancy Sinatranother Teen Movie

Regina SpekThor

Östen mä The Wrestlern


Owen Pallet Me In

Den svenska tystnaden onde, den fule

Avril LaVieEn Rose

PJ Harvey inte setts förut?

Into the Wild Nothing

The Bridges of Maddison Count Basie

Amores Perros Del Mar

Kurt Vile You Were Sleeping

Kylie Minogueountry for Old Men

Radio Dept. Days

Thomas Andersson Wij hade i alla fall tur med vädret

Vit Päls of St. Mary's

Batman For Lashes

The Jusus and Mary and Max Chain


Entombed Raider

Crucified Barbarella

Nephew Good Men

Carpark North by Northwest

Foo the Fighter


KLF: The Widowmaker

Enter the Hunt for Red October

Leonard Cohen Air

Fiona Applekriget

Bon Ivery Bad Things

Shed Se7en

Anders Glenmark Glen Ross

Much Sebadoh About Nothing

The Treasure of the Sierra Madrugada


Bo Kaspers Orkesterminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 3: Damien Rice of the Machines

Flykten från Alcatrazte Lindéns Kvintett

Righteous Step Brothers

Stand Nina Ramsby Me

Dinosaur Junior

Melissa Green Hornet

Velvet Volver

Habla con Ella Fitzgerald

Allt om min Mamas and the Papas

Without a Tracy Chapman

Lars Winnerbägo Man

Carlito Suede

About Mange Schmidt

TuPac a Mockingbird

Salem Al Fakir's Lot

The Last Crowded House on the Left

Diana Krull

Crosby, Stills, Pluto Nash and Young


Svenska Akademean Streets

My Full Morning Metal Jacket

The Killing Fields of the Nephilim

Twelve Gorky's Zygotic Myncis

Noah and the Squid and the Whale


It Happened One Sahara Hotnight

Yo La Tengo & Cash

Tjejen som föll överboKaspers orkester

Tjejen som jobbade Björn Skifs

Howe Gelb Was My Valley

The Iron Giant Sand

Alice in Chains in Wonderland

Dio Nother Day

The Tin Tins


21 Gram Parsons

UB40 Year Old Virgin

Kool Ander Untergang

Romper Stomper Gessle

Babylon Zoolander

Oldeuboi George

Jackieson Browne

Boyz 2 Memento

Repmånada Surf

Shouf shouf habibi King

The Name of the Rosie Thomas

Christian KjellVanWilder

Cat Woman Power

Alienny Wilson

Wilmer X-Men

Free Wille Crawford

Ned's Atomic DasBoot

A Beautiful Simple Minds

Ed Woody Guthrie

The Dan Reed Social Network

Big Phish

Vampire Hunter Just D

The Lincoln Lawyerry Williams

Oldschoola Magnell

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Mathers

Mellancholiam Lynch

L.A. Confidentjell Höglund

Insane Clown Possession

The Hunt for Red Octoblur

Things to Do in John Denver When You're Dead

Goodbye Lenin Philipsson

Robyn Hood

Notes on a Scandelmass

The Fisherspooner King

Star Gwars

Sphere Gessle

Mannen med den Gyllene tider

Coyote Ugly Kid Joe

In the Valley of Laleh

Zack and Miri Make a Porno for Pyros

George Michael Clayton

Prince and the Revolutionary Road

Captain Americlapton

Sade of the Dead

Crimes and Missy Misdemenour Elliot

On the Waterfrontline Assembly

Tima Wrong Turner

Dirty Harry Belafonte

Bottle Rocket From the Crypt

Whitesnakes on a Plane

Ten Things I Hate About Jewel

In the Line of Fireside

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoola Bandoola Band

Team Amerykah Badu


Year Zero 7

X-Men Origins: Wolverihana

Cabin Fever Ray

Pitch Blacknuss

Bryan Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Rihana 3D

Be Kool Moe D

The Big White Stripes

Chinatownes van Zandt

Soylent Green Day

Dan Hyllander in Real Life

Ameliee-Anne Rimes från Montmartre

Man on the Moonspell

Nightwish of the Living Dead

Babel & Sebastian

Away We Go! Team

Short Cults

Creedence Dark Water Revival

A Streetcar Named Desire Straits

Who's Afraid of Virginia de Wolfe United

The Exorcisters of Mercy


Andre 300

Timo Hellräisernen

Ratatouillive Crew

Tony Toni Tonari no Totoro

Snoop Doggy Dog Day Afternoon

Gandhi sma undar jordi

Lock, Stock and Two Smokey Robbinsons

Notorious B.I.G

There Will Be My Bloody Valentine

Jawsa Jinder

Metropolisa Nilsson

The Smiths Go to Washington

All About Eva Dahlgren

2001: A Space Morrissey

In the Antiloop


Evil Deaddie Meduza

Att göra en Poodles

Mr Big Lebowski

Vanillisa MiskovSky

Life of Brian May

Wisex and the City

Mississippi Burning Spear

Neil Young and the Restless

The Last Samurai Montana Band

Once Upon a Time in the Westlife

Miss Secreted Nugent

Venus Outback to the Future

Stakka Rambo

Ett päron till farsa firar Juliana Hatfield

Ett päron till farsa på semester i Europe

Ett päron till farsa i Glasvegas

Tuk-tuk Rallybrudar

The Silence of the Lamb

Rashômonika Zetterlund

Barry Lyndon MacLean

Little Fuckbuttons

Godspeed You Black Emperor's New Groove

The Passion of the Christian Kjellvander

Antichrister Sjögren

Finding Nena

Alice in Wonderstuff

Höstsonate Dogg

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Beck

Ensam Hemma Bunton


My Big Fat Greek Freddie Wadling

Mission Impopsicle

Back to the Futureheads

Marie Picassos Äventyr

Emma Numinen

Charlie and the Chocolate Fear Factory

Bob Dyland of the Dead

Mungo Jerry Maguire

Simple Megaminds


Ronja Rövardaughtry

Home Aloney Dear

As Good as Stan Getz

Juno Mars

The xXx

Look Who's Talking Heads

Gorillaz in the Mist

The Flintstone Roses

Superbad Religion

The Hunt for Red September

The Fifth Basic Element

My Bluedy Valentine

My Dying Princess Bride

Eric Armadillo

Eric Gadds Must Be Crazy

Nottyn Hill

Freaky Friday Hyvönen

Jag är nyfiken Blå tåget

Nell Furtado

A Human League of Their Own

Colombiana Ternheim

M*A*S*H*ing Pumpkins

Ulf Lundeltagänget

Dick Tracy Chapman

Maverick Astley

Love and Other War on Drugs

Markus Krunänglagård

From Dusk Till Dawn Finer

Patrik Isaksson of Rambow

Death Race 2000 Cab for Cutie

Dead Man Can Dance

The Hurt Lockerville River

Friday the 13th Floor Elevators

Rocky V Erickson

System of a Down By Law

Splice Girls

Gigli Allin


Tequila Sunrise Avenue

Paramores Perros

The Bjork Identity

Glengary Rick Ross

Dianather Day Ross

Tomas Led me in

Joan Baez-Moi

Nu är det Julian Casablancas

Tomas DuLevande

Loney Deerhunter

Magnum Coltrane Force

The Black Crow

Those Dancing Days of Thunder

Beyoncé Anything

Tootsie Näslund

Jean Michel Jarheads

David Bowe Were the Mulvaneys

12 Angry Men Without Hats

Eva Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

Grandaddy Daycare

Hello Saferide With the Devil

Julian Casablanca

Bruno Mars Attacks

Primal Scre4m

Black Swans

Die Hardy Nilsson

The Wannadice Age

S Club Se7en

The Screaming Trees of Life

Natalangöra Enbrygglia

Cidade de dEUS

Le temps du LoupTroop

Pianisten & Stanley

The Police Adjective

Throwing Muses of the Train

Annie Hall & Oates

OK FarGo

Fight Club 7

50/50 Cent

Hobo With a Shotgun Messiah

The Name of the Stone Roses

Anal Cunt Buy Me Love

Jane Air

John Coogar Melancholiancamp

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spice Girls

Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky bob hund

The Bridge Over The Rivers Cuomo

Children of the KoRn

Paramoremal Activity

Mogwai Do Fools Fall in Love?

He's Just Not That In U2

The Sting

ABBAutiful Mind

Some Like It Hot Hot Heat

We Need To Talk About Idol-Kevin

Spies Girls Like Us

Nashville Puss in Boots

Running With Scissor Sisters

Ratattangöra en brygga

The Lion Kings of Convenience

Das weiße The Band

Jewel (Okej, den här funkar egentligen inte i skrift. Klicka länken så fattaru)

13 Going on 30 Seconds to Mars

The Tallest Man on Earth Stood Still

The Life of David Gray

Ariel Pink's American Graffiti

Junior Boys Don't Cry

Is Tropical Thunder

The Sparklehorse Whisperer

Mew Jack City

Marilyn Mansoon Wedding

The Bridge of the River Quasi

Män som hatar kvinncy Jones

Släpp fångarne loss det är Gwar

Cypress Notting Hill

The Essex Green Mile

The M Ward

The Shinsing

Doctor Ice T and the Women

Sixteen Candlesmass

Frightened Rabbit Hole

The Painted Veils

The Joy Luck Teenage Fanclub

Vaya ConTagion

Raiders of the Lost the Ark

Death at a Dark Funeral

A Vetivery Long Engagement

The Third Catherine Wheel

Ben Harper's Island

Vanilla Ice Sky

Goodfela Kuti

Apocaflaminglipse Now

Y Tu Mama Cass También

Erik the Vikingarna

Look Who's Talking Heads

Thomas DiLeva och Låta dö

Dogville Crawford

Blue Velvet Underground

This Perfect Day of the Dead

The Men Who Stare at Loosegoats

White Men Kent Jump

The Soundtrack of Our Life of Others

A Histori Amos of Violence

Florence + The Machinist

16 Candles Horspower

Troi couleurs: La Roux

Damien Jurado the Right Thing

V V Brown for Vendetta

bob hundraen dalmatiner

The Magnetic Fields of Dreams

The Pains of Being Pure at Braveheart

The Ryan Addams Family

Wilco to the Dollhouse

CaroLA Story

The Queency Jones

Bullet over Broadway

Tower Feist

The Waylon Jennings We Were

The Cars 2

Radiohead of State

Interview With a Transvision Vampire


…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Evil Dead

24 Hour Party M People

…eller Airportisheads


Sen finns det ju massa filmtitlar som är insprängda i bandnamn och/eller vice versa, och bandnamn som till fullo överensstämmer med filmtitlar, vilket ju inte riktigt blir lika roligt…
Som typ:


M People

Enemy At the Gates

Warren G

The Twilight Sad


The Queen

Ice Cube

Velvet Underground

Firefox AK

Herman Dune

Ghost Dog

Con Air


Sly and The Family Stone

Public Enemies

Taken by Trees

…aaaaah, whatever.

(vill man för övrigt följa mig på twitter så följer man Mr_K_Twig)

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